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Art meets PFP in an interdimensional art project of 5,500 NFT 's
the precursors
The first Visitation is the Fundament, when the vanguard of our order sets out beyond the Veil and into the infinite, to greet those denizens that we have watched, whose potential is yet uncertain to be realised.
Some of them will refuse. Some will object. They will fear.
But we must try regardless, for that is our given purpose.

– From The Aeon of Visitation, Scrivener’s Recollections
precursor 1

 The Story

The Precursors are an ancient species of interdimensional entities. Aeons ago they created a system of portals that allowed travel to different dimensions. These interdimensional engineers acted as subtle guardians, gently steering the lifeforms they encountered from cataclysmic events and towards their maximum potential.

The Method

The Precursors are a series of 5500 individual and unique NFT artworks. The project attempts to fuse the gap between fine art and a generative project. The artwork elements have been lovingly created by a single artist to have a complete and unified style and vision. This is an evolving project which will keep growing and link to more projects in the Precursor multiverse.

10% of primary sales will be allocated towards a community art fund. This art fund to help up and coming artists own NFT projects.


The Precursor community will be given periodic airdrops during the different  stages of the project. The different stages will be based on two full moon cycles.

We are currently on stage 4 of the road map, The First Visitation. We have delivered on every stage of the roadmap with an extra bonus airdrop just for fun. We're going to keep giving love to our Precusor holders and make sure this an awesome journey to be on.


How many Precursors can I mint at one time

3 per wallet

What are Precursors?

The Precursors are a collection of 5,500 hand drawn entities, created by Artserge.

When is the minting date?

May 2022

How much will each Precursor cost to mint?

0.07 ETH